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Constructing Knowledge Models in CmapTools [White Paper]

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:43 pm
by cmapadmin
Support for Constructing Knowledge Models in CmapTools

The CmapTools software suite allows users to construct concept maps representing their understanding of a domain of knowledge. In the case of a large domain, or of a detailed representation of a domain, a single concept map can become unmanageable for the user to comprehend, display, and manipulate. To facilitate the construction of large representations, CmapTools allows the user to split them into collections of concept maps (Cmaps). To show the relationships between the Cmaps in the set, the software facilitates the linking of Cmaps, enabling the navigation from one Cmap to another. Additionally, the user can establish links to other types of resources (e.g. images, videos, sound clips, text) that help explain and complement the information in the map.

Available at ... pTools.pdf