permissions-sharing bug

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permissions-sharing bug

Post by tifialf » Tue Dec 30, 2014 1:35 pm

Hi Ron
I see that cmappers that share a folder with permission to view annotate or to edit it, can't open a cmap already present, nor save a new cmap that they created in that folder, without being asked for the credentials of the owner.
In these conditions sharing is completely useless.
I hope this will be fixed.

Thanks, Alfredo

1) This cmap was created by the parent (me) in the shared folder. Amara (the sharing cmapper) was not able to open and edit it ... 0cmap.cmap

2) This cmap was created by Amara in the shared folder in MyCmaps (cmapcloud beta). She was not able to save, without putting the credentials of her parent (me) ... test2.cmap

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