New Version Deployed Jan 6, 2015

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New Version Deployed Jan 6, 2015

Post by rvanhoof » Tue Jan 06, 2015 9:21 am

We deployed a new version of the CmapTools in the Cloud Beta release.
This new version:
1. Fixes an issue in saving Cmaps where shadow information was not being exported correctly.
2. Fixes error message when there is a problem saving a document.
3. Fixes a typo in the Cmap properties dialog for the organization label
4. Now when opening opening an image or cmap from another cmap a reference to the previous document is maintained. When closing the nested resource the app will display the previously opened document (the parent).
5. Now fills in the user information for an annotation when creating a new annotation
6. Adds a '>' separator between the folder names to indicate it is a folder trail
7. The background color of new Cmaps is now by default white instead of light gray.


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