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How do I display from the Presentation Builder on an attached Projector

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:40 pm
by cmapadmin
Before opening CmapTools, you should first make sure that the projector is securely connected to your computer and that the resolution is set the way it will be used during the presentation. If the resolution on the projector is changed after launching CmapTools, the Presentation Builder will not be aware of the change.

To determine on which of the "screens" to display, the Presentation Builder uses the location of the top left corner of the Cmap window where the Presentation Builder is started. This is particularly important if the projector is not mirrowing the display on the computer. Make sure the tope left corner of the Cmap windows is located in the projector's display.

If using a Mac OS X computer, you can select not to mirror the computers screen on the projector, thereby avoiding have the Menu entries displayed in the projector. This selection is done in the Displays entry of the System Preferences.