Can I run CmapTools from my USB drive on Windows machines?

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Can I run CmapTools from my USB drive on Windows machines?

Post by cmapadmin » Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:49 pm

Yes. The following procedure describes what is needed to dynamically map the Windows-assigned drive letter your USB drive for CmapTools configuration purposes (this only works for Windows):
  1. Open a command prompt window (Start -> Run., then type "cmd" in the box Click "OK").
    • For the CmapTools configuration we will assume that the public computers do not assign the letter "Z" to any other drive on the machine. We need to reassign the USB drive letter to "Z" (in the example below, the USB drive received the letter "E" from Windows as it was plugged in). Type this at the command prompt and press "Enter":

      subst Z: E:\
      • Install CmapTools in the USB drive, using the drive letter "Z" for these parameters in the installation:

        + Install directory: Z:\IHMC CmapTools
        + Profile directory: Z:\Profile
        + My Cmaps directory: Z:\My Cmaps
        + Create a log files: No
        • Run CmapTools for the first time, filling in the boxes with your profile information when prompted.
          • From the command prompt, create the following file in the root of your USB drive by typing:

            copy con Start.txt
            subst Z:
            ^z (press the Ctrl key and the letter "z" simultaneously)
            • Using a text editor, create a file called: "start.bat" in the root of your USB Drive and save these lines of text to it:

              @echo off
              cd \
              copy Start.txt CmapTools.bat > nul
              cd >> CmapTools.bat
              echo \"IHMC CmapTools"\CmapTools.lnk >> CmapTools.bat
              • Now, when you want to run CmapTools from your USB drive, all you have to do is:

                -Connect your USB drive to a Windows computer.
                -Open Windows Explorer, and open the USB drive.
                -Run the program: CmapTools.bat

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