Install in windows: "Installer User Interface Mode Not ..."

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Install in windows: "Installer User Interface Mode Not ..."

Post by cmapadmin » Tue Apr 21, 2009 3:06 pm

When I attempt to install CmapTools in Windows I receive the following message: "Installer User Interface Mode Not Supported, Unable to load and to prepare the installer in GUI mode". After this message is displayed, installation terminates.

This error message appears when the Windows user name contains "strange" characters like !, ¡, or #. A simple workaround is as follows:
  1. Open the Control Panel, double click on "User Accounts", and Create a new user (i.e. "temp").
    • Login as this new user ("temp" in our example) and install CmapTools; be sure to choose "Create Icons For all users" in the "Choose Shortcut Folder" step.
      • Relogin as the user with the strange characters and use CmapTools.
      Then, the temporary user ("temp" in our example) user can be deleted; however in order to uninstall CmapTools, you will have to recreate the "temp" user.

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