The Search does not work for resources in "My Cmaps"

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The Search does not work for resources in "My Cmaps"

Post by cmapadmin » Thu Apr 23, 2009 3:53 pm

Q. The Search function does not work for resources in "My Cmaps". It does not return results, although I know I have resources related to the keyword used in the search. How do I search for resources in "My Cmap"?

The problem is related to the corruption of the "My Cmaps" index file . So, the index needs to be created again. Follow these instructions:

1. Quit CmapTools.
2. Go to the "CmapTools" profile folder.

* Open a command prompt.
* Type "cd C:\Documents and Settings\<your user name>\Application Data\CmapTools\"
* Type "start ." NOTE: there is a "." after start

Mac OS X
* Open the finder
* Go to Library > Preferences > CmapTools

Linux and Solaris
* Open a terminal window
* Type "cd .cmaptools" NOTE: there is a "." before cmaptools

3. Delete the folder titled "local". This is the directory where the index is stored.

4. Restart IHMC CmapTools

Since the index is not present (the "local" folder under CmapTools has been deleted), CmapTools will recreate it. It should take a couple of minutes, depending on how many resources you have, and you'll notice your disk chattering from all the access.

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