How to Install CmapTools on Linux

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How to Install CmapTools on Linux

Post by cmapadmin » Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:46 am

Download the latest version of CmapTools ( for Linux. The file will look something like this, since it will have a different version number after the "v".

LinuxCmapTools_v6.01 _02-25-15.bin for 32-bit Linux or
Linux64CmapTools_v6.01 _02-25-15.bin for 64-bit Linux

If you don't know whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit, open a Terminal or shell window and type the command arch. The arch command displays whether the system is 32-bit ("i686") or 64-bit ("x86-64").
    Change the downloaded installer file to be executable, by typing the following command, depending on your system. Of course, type the filename of the downloaded installer.

    chmod +x LinuxCmapTools_v6.01_02-25-15.bin for 32-bit Linux or
    chmod +x Linux64CmapTools_v6.01_02-25-15.bin for 64-bit Linux
      If you downloaded the Installer and have permissions to install the program, run the following command, where you of course must type the name of the downloaded file:

      ./LinuxCmapTools_v6.01_02-25-15.bin -i GUI for 32-bit Linux or
      ./Linux64CmapTools_v6.01 _02-25-15.bin -i GUI for 64-bit Linux

      If you didn't download the installer, or you are not the owner of the installation file, you must run the installer as root (administrator), by typing the following command instead. You will most likely be prompted for the root password.

      sudo ./LinuxCmapTools_v6.01_02-25-15.bin -i GUI for 32-bit Linux or
      sudo ./Linux64CmapTools_v6.01_02-25-15.bin -i GUI for 64-bit Linux

      Follow the installer's instructions.

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