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CmapTools icon location?

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 6:33 pm
by dgroos
For various reasons, over the years, I've had to figure ways to make a launcher app for CmapTools on Ubuntu and therefore finally actually saved the launcher icon image in my tech-solutions database!

So, I've just upgraded an Ubuntu 16.04 (arch64) desktop where I had installed CmapTools 6.0.2 to ubuntu 17.04--gonna give away donated computers to students with Ubuntu 17.04 and cmaptools pre-loaded. Unfortunately the launcher was lost upon the upgrade so I reinstalled 6.0.2 on the upgraded ubuntu 17.0.4. However, the stage in the install process where one can select whether/where to install a launcher was automatically jumped over--going previous/next I couldn't get between the install location stage to the install stage. perhaps an artifact from upgrading ubuntu to new versions.

Anyway, I'm wondering, is there a location where I should install the logo file (.jpg)? I'm figuring I'll make a simple launcher file (accessing this logo.jpg file) in the IHMC_CmapTools folder that works for all users. (If it matters, I have come to rename "IHMC CmapTools" install the "IHMC_CmapTools" so I don't have to type in an escape key when doing commands remotely)


Re: CmapTools icon location?

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 8:54 am
by cmapadmin
I don't understand. Can't you just reinstall and pick the install location?

Re: CmapTools icon location?

Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:24 am
by dgroos
I can install/reinstall and subsequently find the bin/CmapTools app, but it seems that it isn't recognized as an application (though the execution bit seems to be set). Furthermore when I search for files in the Dash with the search term, "cmaptools" only "character map" turns up.

However on my mac the bin/CmapTools file has the CmapTools icon associated with it, and I can launch it by clicking on it.

What surprised me most, however, was that during the install/reinstall I can't select to have an alias installed, that step is invariable jumped over, and I've tried this multiple times, also hitting the previous/next button. See attached screen shots (They are shown below in inverse order, please refer to order shown by file comment).