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Post by victornguyen » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:30 am

Why Table Tennis Should Remain an Olympic Sport

Most of us have played table tennis as children and loved every minute of it without getting out that it is, in fact, a sport. Although, when Ping pong is played professionally, it is always called ping pong. You do not need to be a scientist to know that table tennis or table tennis is modeled after playing tennis on a conventional lawn. It was created in the UK in the Victorian era as a form after the dinner entertainment. In these days this game is less than a fun, challenging game like backgammon, darts or checkers. However, it does take much time to ping pong spread around the world, and people start to treat it very seriously. If you interested in Click here to choose for you.

Over time, the game becomes popular and competes to the extent that it is accepted as Olympic sports in 1937. Despite the fact it is considered a simple game by many athletes, there is only one country (UK) voting against an Olympic sports table. Those who do not want it to become an Olympic event claiming that it is not a sporting event which is a game.

Why this game should not be in the Olympics
To be blunt, it's a game not a sport. There is no difference between table tennis, darts or billiards. Well, of course, all this work is related to patience, talent and skill, but that doesn't make them become athletic. It is nothing more than the game version of a real lawn tennis sport. and making it an Olympic sport is the same as calling an outstanding child at the hero guitar a great guitar artist. The simple fact is that ping pong players are not athletes. Sure, they are skilled opponents, but they are playing a living room game. What's next? Should we do hockey in an Olympic sport? Really, what is the difference between a game like air hockey and a game like a ping pong? Apparently, both games require skill to be successful, but both are just game versions of the real sports.

Why this game must be in the Olympic Games
While it may have begun to be merely a game after dinner, it has evolved into something more. In the last Olympic Games, this game is the fifth most popular sport based on television and live audiences. These figures have grown rapidly over the past few years. In addition to the Olympics, it also has several other international competitions including the World Cup, World Championship and Pro Tour. Many countries like China, Germany, and France also have national tournaments competing in both domestic and international competitions.

In Conclusion
In the final analysis, what sets the table tennis in addition to games such as darts, billiard or hockey is not the level of high competition. While many people will always consider it a simple game, there are people dedicated to table tennis as any of the top athletes do. They are also often present with the best players in the world. Competition makes great athletes, not sweating.Read more.

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