IHMC CmapLite v5 Beta is available!

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IHMC CmapLite v5 Beta is available!

Post by cmapadmin » Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:26 am

IHMC is glad to announce that a Beta version CmapLite v5 has been released and is now available for download.

The IHMC CmapLite program is a version of CmapTools that has been reduced in functionality to allow it to run on smaller machines with a reduced memory size, in particular the Intel Classmate and the OLPC XO running Windows XP.

CmapLite Beta is being released for testing and is not meant to be distributed extensively. We are still testing its functionality with different machine configurations as described below. In particular, since CmapLite is written in Java, running it on machines with 256MB of memory and no virtual memory is a challenge, particularly when running other applications at the same time.

Please visit our website to identify the list of modules (functions) of CmapTools that have been removed and are not available in CmapLite. We welcome feedback on additions/deletions from this list. We have not yet resized dialogue boxes to fit in the smaller screens on some of these machines. This version of CmapLite is not ready to be run on OLPC computers running Linux and Sugar; it will run on OLPC computers running Windows XP, on Classmate PC computers running Windows XP or Linux, and other similar small computers.

We will soon be providing more information on running CmapLite under different memory configurations.

Please provide us with feedback regarding any problems you run into or suggestions regarding CmapLite. Tell us about your experiences using CmapLite and the different computer configurations you test it on (e.g. we have received reports that CmapLite runs on machines using Windows 98 with 256MB of RAM).

More information can be found at http://cmap.ihmc.us/download/

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