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Exchanging Cmaps between CmapTools and the Cmap App

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:39 pm
by acanas
Beta version of the App (build 1.1) allows the exchange 'CXL' files between CmapTools and the Cmap App.

From the App, you can send the Cmap to your email, Dropbox, or other such accounts and afterwards drag-and-drop it into the Views. Meta-data (owner, etc.) is currently not being imported in CmapTools.

From CmapTools, open the Cmap, and select the menu entry "File -> Export Cmap as" and select "CXL File..."
Send the resulting CXL file via email attachment, Dropbox, etc. and open it on the iPad. The Cmap App will automatically imported it into the Views.