Suggestions for future versions

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Suggestions for future versions

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- Don’t use auto-capitalization for linking phrases.

- Maybe use auto-capitalization for the Name, Description, Author and Organization fields when adding resources to have the first letter automatically in upper-case.

- When adding a new concept map, the keyboard type for the Email field should be set to the one that displays the @ character (I don’t remember the type).

- When adding a new web address resource, the keyboard type for the Web Address field should be set to the one used for entering URLs (it comes with shortcuts for adding .com, for example).

- For certain attributes, such as font size, it would be nice to indicate which font size is currently active before I even try to change it. This is the case for font type, for example. In fact, what about using the selected attribute type as the icon in the palette to the right. This way, I can always know what attributes I’m using for building the cmap. For example, instead of having the arrows icon for “Arrowhead”, it should display an icon with the selected arrowhead type. If the user selects a line already in the cmap, the icon in the palette should change to the type being used on that line.

- Have a way to select multiple concepts, lines, or linking-phrases at the same time. In this version you can only select and change the style of one at a time, right?

- Have a way to organize resources in folders. Once the list of resources starts to grow, folders should help, I think.

- Have the app remember the last state for the right palette (shown or hidden), same for “My Cmaps”, after re-launching the app.

- Maybe in future versions, add the ability to switch the view where the Cmap is displayed so that a new view shows the list of propositions that can also be edited. By switching the view I mean changing the view as if you were working behind the Cmap. You can edit the list of propositions, maybe see some stats about the cmap (number of concepts, links, etc.) and then go back to layout the concepts and linking-phrases. Just a quicker way to construct a map, I think.
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