Edits Not Saving

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Edits Not Saving

Post by calebzilmer »

I have had another issue arise for me. I am hoping you can help.

Every edit I make to my CMaps now will not save. When I switch to another CMap and then switch back to the one I was editing, all of my changes are lost, and the map has reverted to the last version.

I have gone so far as to delete the CMap Tools app from my iPad and downloaded it again. The problem persists.

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Re: Edits Not Saving

Post by rcarff »

The edits that are not saved, are they any edits, like moving a concept and creating a concept, or are they just edits to a concept or linking phrase's text? I have found an issue where if you only change the text of a concept or linking phrase and then go to another map, the text change is not saved. This has been fixed and will be in the v1.2 release. If this is the case, change the text and then move a concept or link and then see if the change is saved. If you still have saving issues, please explain exactly what is happening, and if possible give the steps which you are performing that cause the issue.
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