What are my User ID and Password to open a concept map?

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What are my User ID and Password to open a concept map?

Post by cmapadmin » Thu Apr 23, 2009 4:33 pm

I created a folder in a Place (CmapServer) and now CmapTools asks me for a User ID and Password when I try to modify it. What are my User ID and Password?

The first time CmapTools is run on a computer, it displays the following dialogue box (See Image), whereby the user is asked to choose a "User ID" and "Password" that will be used for identification in collaboration and setting permissions.
CmapTools Profile window. It appears the first time CmapTools has been run.
CmapTools remembers this "User ID & Password" combination, and uses it to establish permissions whenever the user creates a folder, whether in My Cmaps or in a Place. That is, the "User ID & Password" combination is set as the "Administrator" of that folder. (On My Cmaps, permissions are not checked since its assume the user has permissions on all folders) As long as the user continues to use CmapTools on that same computer, the program always uses this "User ID & Password" combination when accessing resources in Places. If the user switches to another computer on which CmapTools is already installed, then this installation may have been given a different "User ID & Password" combination the first time it was run. In this case, when accessing his/her folders, the program will present a dialogue box requesting a valid "User ID & Password" combination. The same would happen if the user switches to another computer and, when he/she first runs the program, provides a different "User ID & Password" combination.

So, when CmapTools presents the dialogue box requesting the "User ID & Password" in order to perform the requested operation, you must provide a "User ID & Password" combination that has the required permissions. (Depending on what permissions are set on the folder that contains the resource on which the operation is requested, selecting the Properties menu entry for the folder where the resource is located, and then clicking on the Permissions button of the dialogue box displayed may show the list of "User IDs" with permissions on that folder, but will not show the Passwords. This may help you remember what the "User ID & Password" combination might be). If you don't remember the "User ID & Password" combination, the administrator for the Place (CmapServer) will be able to change the Password, but not retrieve it. Once you have provided a valid "User ID & Password" combination, the program will remember the combination and will attempt to use it in further operations. This way, as the user accesses various folders that require different "User ID & Password" combination, the program remembers them all and attempts to use them when accessing the same, or other folders.

The user's default "User ID & Password" can be changed in the "User Info" tab, after selecting the menu entry "Edit/Preferences" in the Views window.

For detailed information on User IDs, Passwords, and Permissions under CmapTools, check the Cmap "User IDs + Password in CmapTools" or refer to the white paper "Permissions and Access Control in CmapTools".

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