Announcing KEA, an open architecture based on Web Services

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Announcing KEA, an open architecture based on Web Services

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KEA (Knowledge Exchange Architecture) is an open architecture based on Web Services, Concept Maps, and IHMC CmapTools. KEA provides the data and procedural framework to allow third party developers to design programs that interact with the CmapTools suite of programs, and includes a new, open, xml-based file format for Cmaps. A detailed description of the new architecture and the information needed to write programs that take advantage of it can be found at A paper presented at cmc2006 ( KEA can be found at

We have installed a new CmapServer supporting web services that is now available for testing by public users. In the CmapTools Views you will find it under the name "IHMC KEA WebServices for Testing by Public Users".

This CmapServer is only intended for users who want to implement and write programs that take advantages of KEA. In this CmapServer you can create your own folder under the Users folder. Please create a single folder with your name, your group's name, or your organization's name, and then make subfolders under it. If you no longer use a folder, please remove it. Be sure you change the folders permissions if you don't want Everyone to be able to see your Cmaps and resources.

We hope you enjoy KEA and CmapTools, and please keep in touch regarding your uses of the new architecture.
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