Arrow conections formin a 90° angle

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Arrow conections formin a 90° angle

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Currently, turning this

Into this

Takes a lot of time if I want to do it on the whole map, and the lines don't always align well (as you can see the width seems to narrow as it goes down).
Could we get a new format for arrows where they'd always describe 90° angles?
We'd probably need 2 options. One where the arrow starts horizontally and then vertically, and another one where it starts vertically and then horizontally (I use this one mostly)

I'm graduating from college this year and Cmap tools has been my main method of study for these long years. Thank you for making it
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Re: Arrow conections formin a 90° angle

Post by nightland »

I think that this is a good solution.
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Re: Arrow conections formin a 90° angle

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Thank you for sharing your feedback on the arrow formatting in CmapTools. I understand your concerns about the current arrow shapes not always aligning well and the time-consuming process of modifying them across an entire map.

Your suggestion for having two new arrow options that reliably form 90-degree angles is a great idea. Having one arrow that starts horizontally and then turns vertically, and another that starts vertically and then turns horizontally, would provide more consistent and visually appealing arrow layouts. This could significantly improve the look and flow of concept maps, especially for complex diagrams.
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As a CmapTools user yourself, your firsthand experience with the software over the course of your college studies provides valuable insight. I'm glad to hear that CmapTools has been an integral part of your studies and helped you throughout your academic journey. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

The development team will certainly take your feedback into consideration. Implementing new, standardized arrow options could be a valuable enhancement to CmapTools, improving both the functionality and aesthetics of the software. Thank you for taking the time to provide this constructive feedback. It is greatly appreciated and will help shape the future improvements of CmapTools.
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