scaffolding teacher feedback to students

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scaffolding teacher feedback to students

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When I provide feedback to students on concept maps that they have printed out on paper I use a highlighting pen. I might use:

•• Yellow to represent a good proposition ('good' being defined as 'scientifically accurate'),
•• Orange to represent a minor error in a proposition, often partly due to unfamiliarity with concept mapping
•• Blue to highlight the opposite of yellow--showing a scientific error.

Making this idea digital... It would be cool if cmaptools had a contextual menu such that I could right-click on a proposition and select a color and the line and phrase would be highlighted in that color. Optional annotation would be icing on the cake but not needed.

Going along with that would be nice to see a 'snapshot' button where I could click a button, saving a possibly un-editable version of the cmap alongside the original so a student/teacher could refer to this as needed, including as part of before/after portfolio.

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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Re: scaffolding teacher feedback to students

Post by acanas »

Hi, this might work but requires a little work to get started..

Create styles for the different types of feedback. For example, create a style for a concept that has a yellow background. Another style for orange background, etc. Name them appropriately. Now you can select any concept and then click on the appropriate style to change its background. You can group the Styles into a group (right-click and select New Style Group), and move them into the group (it will create a copy of the style). Now you can Save the style to your Views. For every student's Cmap, after opening it drag and drop the Style group to the Name Styles area in the name palette (need to open this area). Now you can apply the styles to the concepts.

Annotations are already in CmapTools. Select what you want to annotate and then the menu entry "Tools->Annotate".

On the snapshot idea... no easy way. You could generate an image "File -> Export Cmap as -> Image File" and then drag and drop it back to the folder, but that's too many steps. Sorry. You could make a subfolder where (if on a CmapServer) the student can add Cmaps but not modify them, and have the student make copy the Cmap into that subfolder.
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