I'm looking for users of Cmap (teachers) in collaborative W

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I'm looking for users of Cmap (teachers) in collaborative W

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Hi, I'm French and I'm working on collaborative work in classroom. For my internship I need to collect information about how teachers assess or estimate the maps made by their students in pair work (or more). In particularly I'm interesting in the collaborative stage, how teachers evaluate the quality of the collaboration before the final test : the assessment of the collective map ? Which criteria do they choose ?
In the hypothesis of a collaborative work performed on synchronized CSCL (tabletop, shared screens on computer, etc.), automatic traces could feed a dashboard for teachers. Tests have been already done.
What kinds of elements could help teachers to do a better management of their classroom ? Automatic traces are good but human expertise works sometimes in another way. I 'd like to work on this strand. The goal is to improve a proposition of relevant indicators for a dashboard.

I need to find a community of teachers who uses in classroom concept mapping in a collaborative way with their students and ask them specific questions.
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Re: I'm looking for users of Cmap (teachers) in collaborative W

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You will better reach teachers through the CmapTools group in Facebook. Good luck with your effort.
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