Tags in a linked document

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Tags in a linked document

Post by wba@sei.cmu.edu »

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this question but I think this is more an improvement suggestion than necessarily a bug.

When I try to pass a tag name (in an HTML file) as a URL link Cmap strips off the tag name from the URL and only links to the file.

My hope in doing this is to have a single file (with my annotations tagged in it) that the Cmap would link to down to the tag name level.

Then I can export the map as a web page so that my intended audience (military that can't just load Cmap onto their controlled systems) can read the annotations without loading or learning Cmap.

Of course if there is some other way to make annotations readable with a browser, pdf, or some other mechansim I'm all ears.

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Re: Tags in a linked document

Post by acanas »

This has been reported before in this forum. CmapTools does not do anything to the URL, it passed it on to the browser. Its in this interaction with the browser through the OS that the URL gets modified. See: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=305#p847
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