Presentations, Style Palette, Links, Export as Web Page

Have new ideas for the next release of IHMC CmapTools and IHMC CmapServer?
We welcome your suggestions and we will carefully consider whether to incorporate them into the software.
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Presentations, Style Palette, Links, Export as Web Page

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CmapTools 6.01.01
Windows 7 Pro 64bits
Java 1.8.0_091 (user and system)

[1] Presentations
[1.a] The size of the window that displays an image resource is very small and is not preserved between calls. You have to resize every time we open the resource. As Fit in Windows Checkbox no scrollbars (not resize when zoom is is 100%), I would suggest:
[1.a.1] Adjust the size of the window according to the user's screen resolution (1/3 reduction), aligning the image at the top left of the window.
[1.a.2] Having control of the position of the image using a mouse icon four arrows drag the image to the desired position and remove the scroll bars, retaining the zoom slider.
[1.b] Hide Style Palette at the end of a presentation. Disable Ctrl + T (Style Palette) and enable key to display / hide Navigation Tool, especially for presentations that doesn't use scale map to fit fullscreen. Forget scroll bars.

[2] Style Palette
[2.a] Align respect to the first selected object.
[2.b] Allow match the separation (horizontal / vertical) even though the objects are not aligned.
[2.c] Have control over overlapping objects (put front / rear). Be consistent in assigning levels, new objects are always in front of old. In groups maintain relative order. When you ungroup reassign new levels.

[3] Edit Links to Resources
[3.a] Able to up or down or drag an item in the list of links to change the sort order.

[4] Folder Export as Web Page ...
[4.a] Improve presentation of links to resources using the following styles:

Code: Select all

  <style type="text/css">
      a:link, a:visited, a:hover, a:active {
          text-decoration: none
      div td {padding: 6px; font-weight: bold;}
      div tr:hover {background-color: yellow;}
[5] Export to PDF
[5.a] Save resources preserving links on the map.
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Re: Presentations, Style Palette, Links, Export as Web Page

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Thanks for the thoughtful set of suggestions!
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Re: Presentations, Style Palette, Links, Export as Web Page

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Strongly agree with [5.a] !!!
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