Cmap user interface improvements

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Cmap user interface improvements

Post by webarks »


Is it possible to add a tool like the "Hand Tool" of Adobe Photoshop or like in many other programs.

The idea is that when you work with a large Cmap which extends on a larger area than the screen size it is easier to press the "space bar" and activate the hand tool; at that point just clicking and dragging will allow the user to navigate the Cmap.

This way the mouse cursor always stays in the area the user is working. When a user needs to edit another area it has to select it with the mouse cursor. By creating a tool like the one I mentioned above the user will drag in the center of his view the desired concept and the mouse will be in the same area without having to search the scroll bar and the entire process associated with this action. Pressing "space bar" again will deactivate this Cmap navigation tool and reactivate the normal select option that occurs when left clicking the mouse.

The latest current version of Cmap doesn't allow this. You have to use the scroll bars for this action which requires the user to focus on selecting the scroll bar and after that returning to the task he was performing. In my opinion creating a tool like "Hand Tool" improves the usability of the program and the efficiency of the user.

I hope I explained my idea well enough.

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Re: Cmap user interface improvements

Post by gektor »

I agree: some kind of "hand tool" would be useful, perhaps together with some fancy zoom-by-scrollwheel functionality :geek:

In the actual version, you can use the navigation tool (window -> navigation tool). It reminds me of the similar photoshop-tool which I never use :ugeek:
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Re: Cmap user interface improvements

Post by christinecccc »

the zoom tool is very useful, but not that efficient. since it functions like a MS Paint, its a rough comparison but that how it does it. i would prefer a Hand Tool too, really.
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Re: Cmap user interface improvements

Post by felthecat »

And I'll definitely prefer to hold to spacebar to use the handtool instead of toggling it. (Just like in photoshop) :)
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