Fill in (DeOutline) what was Exported as Outline

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Fill in (DeOutline) what was Exported as Outline

Post by dakra137 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:24 am

I love the Export as Outline and Propositions as Text capability. However, sometimes what I want is every line to have every concept from the beginning of a sequence to the "current" one. Other times, I want only complete sequences from a beginning to an end meaning that I don't want partially traversed paths from a beginning of the sequence to an intermediate stopping point.

If the outline is:

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		a sentence
Sometimes I want

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This	is
This	is	a sentence
This	is	a sentence	.}
but usually I want only

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This	is	a sentence	.}
I use the } symbol to indicate the end of a sequence

Here below is a script in the awk language that could do either assignment, depending on which line near the end is uncommented. Awk is available for Windows, linux, and most other operating systems.

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#!/usr/bin/gawk -f
# Copyright 2018 David A. Kra granting Creative Commons Share Alike license to all users. See 
# usage syntax #1: gawk -f deoutline.awk 'fullpathname' >deoutlined.txt
# usage syntax #2: ./deoutline.awk 'fullpathname' >deoutlined.txt
# Purpose: Converts a CMAPTools outline into a set of complete lines, where a "complete line" is one that ends with "}".
# Processes output produced by CMAPTools menu sequence: File  | Export CMAP As... | CMAP Outline... .
# Input: outline: each line starts with n (0 <= n) groups of 4 blanks, then has a phrase. Each phrase is a concept or a relationship from the CMAP.
#   Example:
#		This
#	    		is
#	        		a sentence
#	            			}
# Output: Replace each empty field with the matching field from the line above, whatever its length. Only output lines ending with "}".
# Example:
#	This is a sentence }
# Optional Postprocessing: Use   grep -v ABC <tn.txt >tn+1.txt  # to eliminate lines containing ABC

BEGIN { FS = " {4}";  prevline[1] = ""} 
 for (i = 1; i < NF; i++) { if (length($i) < 1) $i = prevline[i] } # replace each empty field with the phrase from above, whatever its length.
 for (i = 1; i <= NF; i++) { prevline[i] = $i } # does not handle empty line with 0 tokens; leaves uninteresting content in prevline left over from longer earlier lines 
 # print                                     # prints every line
 if (substr($NF,length($NF)) == "}") print  # prints only lines that end in "}".

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Re: Fill in (DeOutline) what was Exported as Outline

Post by cmapadmin » Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:11 am

Awk, powerful but not appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

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