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Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:01 pm
by fridemar
What about a public living, growing Cmap, that we can use on a public server?

Such a Cmaps server
* needs the capability to produce Html output for giving exposure to the wider public (like this forum)
* should allow at least access to each member of this forum

* Somebody here in the forum asked for a specialized forum, where to present "our work" with CMaps.
* With a PublicCmapServer, referred from here, we could collaborate efficiently and even
* help newcomers to get a friendlier start.
* better organize our stuff in the forum

It would make us happy, if you could give an explicit link to such a server?

Perhaps there might be even an existing project, so that we could join our efforts in combination with this forum.

Re: PublicCmapServerSupportCmap

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:04 pm
by acanas
The technology exists to create this Cmap that you propose.

First, all Cmaps saved on a CmapServer automatically have an html version -- that's been there since years ago. Check the Help in CmapTools.

You can do what you suggest by:

(a) In one of the Public Servers, create a folder and change its permissions so everybody has permission to modify Cmaps it contains
(b) In that folder, create a Cmap and save it. This will be your public, living, growing Cmap.
(c) View the html version of the Cmap (click on the view:.... link at the bottom of the Cmap's window)
(d) copy the URL (will be of the form http://..).
(d) Replace the http: by cmap:
(e) Paste the cmap://... URL on this forum. Now anybody with a v5.03 client will be able to click on the URL or copy it to a browser and launch CmapTools to edit the Cmap. You have your public growing Cmap.

(f) If you want access limited to those in this forum, create Cmap in the "IHMC Cmappers" public server, and select "All Users in the Directory" instead of "Everyone" when assigning the permissions. Since "IHMC Cmappers" uses an LDAP server for authentication, only users registered in the forum (well, also those registered in will be able to modify the Cmap.

There, you have what you requestd.



Re: PublicCmapServerSupportCmap

Posted: Fri May 01, 2009 9:20 pm
by fridemar
Thank you, Alberto, for your friendly and encouraging answer.

Currently I am searching and reading a lot of cmaps to find the right context to start/ connect as efficiently as possible.
I am impressed, what is already there.

As soon as I have found the "right place", I'll post it in the CmapServer Support Forum to continue our collaboration here.