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get cursor out of way of newly created bubble

Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:19 pm
by dgroos
I double click to create a new bubble and then start typing that which was on my mind which provided the impetus of doing that double click. I've used CmapTools for years and you would think that I would have this issue solved BUT seems that the habit I need is elusive! It might be best to improve the interface to get rid of this problem in the first place.

So, after I make the bubble I start to type and guess what, I think maybe I mis-typed something so I examine what I'm typing and -- I can't read the letter/letters I just typed because it is exactly, invariably, under the cursor! Then I have to move the cursor to see if I mis-typed. Annoying!

How 'bout if you make it such that when someone makes a bubble by double-click, if they don't move the cursor, make the cursor invisible, only to become un-hidden when it is moved. Simple and eloquent.

Of course I could always try to remember to double-click, move cursor, then start to type...

Re: get cursor out of way of newly created bubble

Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:15 am
by dgroos
This little thing still interrupts my cmapping! Not sure why I can't just remember to MOVE THE CURSOR OUT OF THE WAY AFTER MAKING THE BUBBLE AND BEFORE I START TO TYPE! Maybe the thinking process involved in having a new idea with the intention of writing it down completely uses one's (my?) working mind, ie when I want to further my map I've only space for the single step of --double-click-to-create-a-node-- and not the 2 step process of --<create node>-- AND --move-cursor-out-of-the way-of-the-soon-to-be-typed-text--. Sure would be great to have the cursor become transparent when one is typing text under it... But, Is this only me?