Move a concept with the arrow keys

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Move a concept with the arrow keys

Post by felthecat »

I think this one is easy for you guys. :)

Suggestion :
It will be great to be able to move the selected objects(concepts, links, link phrases, etc.) of one pixel with the arrow keys of the keyboard instead of scrolling the canvas view.

Context 1 :
Because moving an object with the mouse is not as precise as the keyboard can be.

Context 2 :
Because you can only move an object(concepts, links, link phrases, etc.) whit a drag of the mouse and because when you drag an object with the mouse the first move is of 2 pixels, this is hard to place an object precisely where you want.

Context 3 :
Because you can only align objects with the left most concept, it would be great to be able to add a concept at the left of a row of other concepts perfectly aligned and place it at the right pixel position

Example :
Work like the arrow tool in Photoshop.

P.S. : I know that the suggestion of moving the canvas by holding the space key and dragging it whit the left mouse button as already been suggested. but since I suggest change in the keyboard shortcuts that affect it, I would like to add some weight to this suggestion here.

P.P..S. : Sorry if my English is not that good. I'm used to French. :)
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Re: Move a concept with the arrow keys

Post by dgroos »

I've often thought this would be useful as well. Thanks for suggesting it.
David G
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Re: Move a concept with the arrow keys

Post by kewapo »

I usually take notes with concept map software.
This is imposible if you use a software with no support for the keyboard for this purpose.

In my software I create a new concept with CTRL + N. Once created, I can move it with the arrows.
I can create links too.

In taking notes, time is important. I can't waste time using the mouse all the time.
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