Auto-display of resource labels/descriptions?

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Auto-display of resource labels/descriptions?

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Firstly, I love Cmaps - you folks have done an outstanding job. :)

An aspect that I would love that appears to be missing is auto-display of resource label/s (or description/s) when the cursor moves over a resource link group icon. Presently, on my Cmap, I need to hover the cursor over the resource link group icon then left-click on it to see the associated resource labels or descriptions. It would be hugely helpful if the resource labels or descriptions could be set to auto-display when the cursor moves on to the relevant resource link group icon, like how to works in many applications such as Paint, Photoshop etc.

This might seem like a "little thing" but it would be hugely helpful, improve map usability still further and additionally aid learning and memorization of subject matter. It would also aid knowledge navigation.

In hope... :)
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