Keyboard use for taking notes

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Keyboard use for taking notes

Post by kewapo »

I usually take notes in the conferences I have in my work with VUE (visual understanding environment) because I can't use CmapTools with the keyboard.

In vue the keys to create nodes and links are:
CTRL + N: new node
ALT + mouse move: create links
ARROWS: move nodes and links

There is no way for live-taking notes with CmapTools using the mouse all the time. There is imposible.
Not only knowledge is important in concept maps. I think is more important usability and the visual aspect of the maps.
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Re: Keyboard use for taking notes

Post by GlenCoakley »

I totally agree on the keyboard interface it is significantly more efficient. I like many other people have difficulty/cannot use the mouse. (I have repetitive-use strain but, there are many accessibility issues that can cause difficulty.) While this software seems to do what I want from reading the features I cannot use it.
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