Printer margin cmap tools

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Printer margin cmap tools

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I'm having a bit of a problem with the printer margins in Cmap (margins: 2in. width, 1in. length). I have tried all suggestions (export to pdf & fix the margins there, print from Cmap print preview then page layout, etc.) but nothing seems to work. In landscape mode I can get rid of length margins, but the width margins are terrible (still 2in. when printing: U.S. Paper borderless). When I export as jpeg & then print to fit paper everything gets cut off (but it does get rid of all margins). I believe that when creating the Cmap, the map screen is set up incorrectly (i.e. the margins are not setup to superimpose on 8.5X11in paper). Any help would be appreciated, THANK YOU!
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Re: Printer margin cmap tools

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If you export to jpg and still have problems, then it doesn't seem to be a CmapTools issue. Once its an image CmapTools is not involved.
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