Bug in copy/pasting a concept in 125%--500% modes

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Bug in copy/pasting a concept in 125%--500% modes

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1. create a blank concept map
1.5 open the Navigator window
2. from the menu bar select a "125%"
2. insert a first concept and write a "hello"-text to it
3. using mouse drag the "hello"-concept to bottom right corner, so that concept map in Navigator gets automatically bigger
4. notice the Navigator window where the actual concept map is now shown as a rectangle, the rectangle has a one concept, the "hello"-concept
5. using the concept map windows, select the "hello"-concept and make a copy of it (pop-up menu>Copy)
6. paste the copy from clipboard to concept map window (pop-up menu>Paste)
7. notice Navigator-window, notice that the copy of "hello" gets pasted out of the rectangle
8. notice the concept map window, there is only "hello"-concept, notice that the copy of "hello" was pasted outside the concept map window

7. I am expecting that the copy of "hello" is pasted near the "hello" concept, I am expecting that the "hello"-concept and copy of "hello"-concept are both visible side-by-side at the concept map window

THE problem gets more worse in 200% and 500% modes, the copy gets pasted outside of the concept map window. When I have composed a big concept map and copy/paste object in 200% mode, I can't find the pasted copy anymore, I don't know where the copy was pasted!

CmapTools 6.03, Windows 10 Home, 2 years old cheap laptop

Anyways, a great software, I use it a lot.

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Re: Bug in copy/pasting a concept in 125%--500% modes

Post by cmapadmin »

Yes, there should be more control by the user on where the paste is done. Thanks for reporting this.
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