CMap tools won't run at all in Windows XP

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CMap tools won't run at all in Windows XP

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A couple of months ago I downloaded and installed CMap tools for Windows XP. The program would never open, so I just deleted it and made a concept map by hand.

Today, I tried again with CMap Lite. Same thing, downloaded and installed it successfully, but the program will not run. I get the hourglass mouse icon for about a half second and then nothing. I tried running it with Windows Task Manager open and about one time in three a program called SysFader pops up for an instant. I allowed the program to do what it wanted in the firewall and then I shut down the Norton, still with nothing. I'm pretty sure that I would have enough memory for CMap lite.
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Re: CMap tools won't run at all.

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First of all, SysFader is a Windows application that shouldn't affect IHMC CmapTools. Click here to learn how to Disable SysFader just in case you want to disable it.

Try to run CmapTools.exe or CmapLite.exe from the "bin" directory located under "C:\Program Files\IHMC CmapTools\" and "C:\Program Files\IHMC CmapLite" respectively (Note: I'm assuming you did a standard installation). If it does not work as expected, then upload to the forum, as a zip file, a folder titled "CmapToolsLogs" located under "C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\" where User_Name is the user id you use in your Windows machine.


Rodrigo Carvajal
Rodrigo Carvajal
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