How to get an account on CMap Servers

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How to get an account on CMap Servers

Post by profedwardspa »

I'm more than a little discouraged trying to navigate through Cmap Tools and cannot make any kind of logical headway on how in the world to open an account for my university on the CMap Servers? While instructions in the form of a concept map might be great for a concept, it's not so great for step-by-step logistics, such as setting up an account. Help! I'd love to try this in my course this fall, but this is frustrating.
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Re: How to get an account on CMap Servers

Post by rcarvajal »


If you want to host a CmapServer then go to and on the left frame you will have a link to "CmapServer v5.03.01", click on that link, fill up the form, and we will grant you a CmapServer license to install in your institution.

If you don't want to host (install) a CmapServer, then you can create a folder on any of our IHMC Public CmapServers available when you click on 'Shared Cmaps on Places".

More information about the IHMC Public CmapServers can be found at (see the White Papers link on the left)
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Re: How to get an account on CMap Servers

Post by melo133 »

I am trying to get ANY kind of response for my request for a CMAPSERVER download. I have posted extensive requests twice. Is anyone listening there. You have a great set of tools and I am the instructor three college courses on sustainability whwre these tools will make a big difference. Please provide a link/contact ?? where I can at least get an acknowledgement that my message was recieved.
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Re: How to get an account on CMap Servers

Post by acanas »

Hi, As soon as you complete the download request you are forwarded to the CmapServer download page. Make sure you fill in all the entries. No need for a mail response.
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Re: How to get an account on CMap Servers

Post by bennobenetti »

Hello, server support team,
I have filled in the form with request of server free license for the project in university.
Unfortunately I have got an error page as a result:
SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: Message could not be sent.
Mailer Error: SMTP Error: The following recipients failed:
SMTP server error: 5.1.1 Mailbox does not exist
Action time -> 00:50 GMT+3 (EET) 13th of April 2014

And as a second result my browser window was not redirected to download page of CmapServer.
Whom I could mail "manual" request for free server license and have a download link for CmapServer

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Re: How to get an account on CMap Servers

Post by cmapadmin »

What email address where you using? Seems like you provided an invalid email address. Try again with a valid email address.
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