Moving to a new Cmap server

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Moving to a new Cmap server

Post by tdp1452 »

I need to move a current installation of Cmap to a new server. According to the documention I found, (, If you move the CmapServer to another computer, you must configure the Host Name and IP Address of the destination computer to match that of the previous computer so that external links pointing to resources stored in your CmapServer are preserved.

Unfortuanately this is not an option, the new server will have a different host name and ip address then the previous one. I am new to CMAP so I am not sure how much of an issue this is for our installation. Does anyone know what I need to do so the "external links pointing to resources" are not affected?

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Re: Moving to a new Cmap server

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As long as the serverid is the same in the new CmapServer, the links between the Cmaps will work in the CmapTools. What will not work are the links in the HTML-version of the Cmaps. The URLs in the HTML version needs to be generated again, and can be done by opening and saving again each Cmap.
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