Cleaning up

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Cleaning up

Post by worths1 »

I have been using one of the public servers to store student projects. Many, many, many students forgot passwords and created new folders.

Over the next two weeks, I'll be copying their work to a local folder on my computer so that I can grade it. In January, I will get them to delete or rename their folders.

My concern is for the folders they created and then abandoned. I realize you are probably reluctant to delete their work without some verification that it should be deleted. Is there something I can do to point you to the folders and provide satisfactory assurance that the folders should go?

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Re: Cleaning up

Post by acanas »


Thanks for your concern regarding your student's folders. We leave it up to the users to delete folders that they don't use. So go ahead and delete them if you have the permissions. If you don't provide us with a list and we'll delete them.

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