Bad rendering on high-dpi displays

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Bad rendering on high-dpi displays

Post by etinin »

When exhibiting CMaps through the web interface of the server, it seems there is no high-dpi version for the resulting image.

The results are, therefore, blurry and poor when displayed on retina/high-dpi displays, specially the text. Tested on iPhone and Macbook Pro (retina). This could most likely be fixed by having at least a 2x upsampled version generated and exhibited according to pixel density.
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Re: Bad rendering on high-dpi displays

Post by cmapadmin »

You mean the HTML version?

We recommend using the new Cmap Viewer, which is available if you store your Cmaps in the Cmap Cloud. This does an SVG rendering of the Cmap, not an image.

Try it and let us know how it works.

Information on using the Cmap Cloud from CmapTools is available in the videos:

The web version of CmapTools is available at
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