Unable to access the IHMC public CmapServers

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Unable to access the IHMC public CmapServers

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On the last week of January 2019, we upgraded the IHMC public CmapServers to use SSL (secure communications). This included:

IHMC Public Cmaps
IHMC Public Cmaps (2)
IHMC Public Cmaps (3)
IHMC Sample Knowledge Models
IHMC Space Exploration
IHMC Cmappers

Making this change required changing the ports by with the CmapTools client communicates with these CmapServers. The ports are now 8080 (for CmapTools communication) and 443 (for web access). The CmapServers register and update this information with the Directory of Places (DOP) but if you clients are not able to contact the DOP they may have problems accessing the CmapServers.

To solve this, add the CmapServers manually as Places.

In the Views window, click on the top right on ""Add Place" (see attached image).

Then, for each CmapServer, add the following information (e.g. for Public Cmaps):

Internet Host Name: cmapspublic.ihmc.us.

Port Number: 8080

Web Server Port Number: 443

The host names for each of the CmapServers are as follows:

IHMC Public Cmaps: cmapspublic.ihmc.us
IHMC Public Cmaps (2): cmapspublic2.ihmc.us
IHMC Public Cmaps (3): cmapspublic3.ihmc.us
IHMC Sample Knowledge Models: cmapskm.ihmc.us
IHMC Space Exploration: cmapspaceexp.ihmc.us
IHMC Cmappers: cmaps.mappers.net
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