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Hey folks, a new user here, and I'm running into a host of problems for which I am not receiving any assistance (despite sending email messages to the "help" folks).

I'm also REALLY PUZZLED why this is the ONLY forum I can post to? What gives? Forum suggests exchange.

How do I get assistance? I need someone to sort out a Cmap Cloud folder sharing problem - I followed all the online instructions to share a folder with my student. That was two days ago. None of them have received any messages from Cmap.

After downloading a copy of Cmap to my desktop, I tried to access my folder on Cmap Cloud. The software told me it couldn't find my account or some such (and yes, I double-checked my login information).

I'd really like to use this software, but the problems are mounting and classes start Monday.
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Re: HELP!!!!!

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We've responded to your email... lets go through your problems through email.
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