CmapTools on Kubuntu: "View as Web Page" does not work

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CmapTools on Kubuntu: "View as Web Page" does not work

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I am running CmapTools on Kubuntu, and when I either double-click a URL resource or click the "View as Web Page" button on an open Cmap stored in a Place, Firefox will open two instances of the URL and Konqueror also opens an instance. Is this a bug in CmapTools?

No, it has to do with some unused devices that are being used in the "xorg.conf" file on your machine. To correct the problem, please try the following (***Note: Incorrectly modifying the "xorg.conf" file can lead to failure of the GUI to boot at all, so if you are uncertain please consult with an experienced Linux admin before attempting these steps!):
  1. Open a terminal and 'CD' to /etc/X11/
    • Make a backup of the file by typing:
        cp xorg.conf xorg.old
        • Use the "sudo" command to open the xorg.conf file with your favorite text editor (i.e. "sudo kate xorg.conf"). When prompted, supply the password you normally use to login to the account currently being used.
          • From the open file, do the following:

            Take out the Sections for the Wacom Erasor, Cursor, and stylus in the "inputDevice" section. Then in the "Serverlayout" Section near the bottom erase the following three lines:

            InputDevice "stylus" "SendCoreEvents"
            InputDevice "cursor" "SendCoreEvents"
            InputDevice "eraser" "SendCoreEvents"

            Put the "SendCoreEvents" part after your primary mouse pointer definition, if you want or need it.
            • Save and exit the xorg.conf file back into its original location:
                • Either restart X or reboot your machine for the changes to take effect.
                Now when you double-click a URL resource or open the Web version of a Cmap stored in a Place using the "View as Web Page" button, it should open only one instance of the URL in the browser specified first in the cmaptools.cfg for the parameter "nlk.resourceViewer.externalViewer.linuxAppList=".
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