New version of CmapTools in the Cloud deployed

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New version of CmapTools in the Cloud deployed

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We've deployed a new version of CmapTools in the Cloud. Includes a new Action to send an email with the URL of an opened Cmap (useful, e.g., for students sending a Cmap to their teacher), detection of stale (timed-out) sessions, many bug fixes, etc.

Hemos publicado una nueva versión de CmapTools in the Cloud. Incluye una nueva acción para enviar un email con el URL de un mapa abierto (util, por ejemplo, para que estudiantes envien su Cmap a su maestro), detección de sesiones desconectadas, y corrección de un número de pulgas, etc..
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Re: New version of CmapTools in the Cloud deployed

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Hello CMAP technical support, my colleague David (cc'd) and I are trying to access using the Python Requests library to construct and make Get and Post requests on the CMAP Cloud Server. So far, the *GET* statements appear to be working fine, but the *POST* statements for creating a map are rejected with error code:
<error code="500" sub-code="107" message="Failed to receive res-meta.:null" />
Apparently there is a problem with the res-meta format, we are sending a res-meta body which looks like this: ... s_meta.xml

Unfortunately we cannot find any documentation for introspecting this error, and don't understand why it isn't working even though we have included the res-meta tags in the payload of the POST request.

Would someone have working example of a POST statement with the proper inclusion of the res-meta tags?

Thanks and regards,

Our client code is here.

We are constructing the API calls like this: ...

which yields URLs like: ... g.resource

Can someone send us an example of the res-meta format that the web service endpoint expects?
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