Error saving Cmap

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Error saving Cmap

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I'm enjoying building a Cmap but I am frustrated because I keep losing any edits I make. Each time I save my Cmap I get a pop-up telling me that it was saved correctly, but when I log back in later all of the work I've done is gone and the Cmap is back to it's original edit. It's very frustrating. Any chance to rescue the work I did? Or any tips to actually successfully saving work so that I can come back to it later? I like this software but I need to be able to trust that the work I do won't disappear.


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Re: Error saving Cmap

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Can you send us a link to your Cmap? Select the map and the "Action" "Email link to Cmap". Send it to

Having the name of the map we can look into the logs. Also, was there any specific part of the map that was not saved (e.g. background images)?
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