Have new ideas for the next release of IHMC CmapTools and IHMC CmapServer?
We welcome your suggestions and we will carefully consider whether to incorporate them into the software.
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Hi. I was looking for a mind mapping app on OSX that give free control over nodes and so far CmapTools seems the most close app I was looking for. Thank you for such great app. Just a number of suggestions I want to make though.
  • I just saw someone pointed out mouse scroll with ctrl button. Pinch to zoom as well?
  • I'm a Korean user and when character input is set to Korean I can't end editing whatsoever except esc button(alt+return, cmd+return none of them worked). Maybe you can make a keyboard shortcut cmd+return as `start/end editing node`
  • This is what I was looking for, I thought it would be great if there is ghost node that can hold its position for distribution to child nodes. I tried to achieve this by adjoining two line explanations but it seems those two cannot be joined.
  • Preferably UI be more OSX-like. Actually doesn't really matter but...
  • Korean translation hopefully? nah just kidding. Would be great if there's a resource that I can help translating into Korean though.
That's all I can come up with so far... Maybe I'll post more if anything comes up. Thanks.

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btw I'm using CMapTools on Macbook Air mid 2012, 10.11.4 El Capitan.
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Re: Suggestions

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(1) The new Beta we are testing has support for mouse wheel scroll. You can register for the Beta at

(2) We have Korean users and we haven't heard from them having problems with character input. To finish typing in a node, click outside the node.

(3) This is a concept mapping software, not a mind mapping software.

(4) UI is the same for Windows, OS X and Linux. Exactly the same code.

(5) Always looking for a volunteer to translate to Korean. We provide all the files with the strings and the tools for the translation. Interested?
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