Identifying Who Locked a Cmap

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Identifying Who Locked a Cmap

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I introduced Cmap Cloud to a colleague who claims that she was unable to save changes due to: The Cmap is already locked for editing by someone else. To the best of my knowledge, she was the only one accessing the Cmap. I tried to edit and save changes without any problems. One possibility is that she somehow opened the Cmap twice, either in another browse or browser tab, but the message does not provide enough information to diagnose the cause.

It would be great if Cmap indicated the account name of the person locking the Cmap.
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Re: Identifying Who Locked a Cmap

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Good idea, but at this point the server does not provide this information.

In the current version of the Cmap Cloud, you are able to open more than one Cmap and so your colleague probably opened the same Cmap twice. We'll soon release a version where each Cmap will have its own tab so it will be easier to see the same Cmap is opened twice.
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