Where is the CmapTools User Profile?

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Where is the CmapTools User Profile?

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The first time CmapTools is ran, the information that identifies the user is requested. This information is used in the creation and access of cmaps, folders, and resources. This information together with configuration parameters and user preferences creates the CmapTools User Profile. This information is in the "profile.xml" file.

The profile.xml file is a text file in XML format with no particular rules. It can be edited with any text editor.

*** Important ***

It is strongly recommended not to manually modify this file as any error can cause the application not to properly work.

It is best to use the menu option: Edit --> Preferences and make any changes to the user's information or any other preference.

Any reference to an access path is interpreted according to the operating system you are running. For example, if you change the path of the "My Cmaps" directory, you must do it as it is done in your operating system (e.g. use the correct file separators: "\" or "/" symbols according to your operating system).

The CmapTools User Profile is in:
  • Windows: c:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\CmapTools\profile.xml
  • Mac OS X: ~/Library/Preferences/CmapTools/profile.xml
  • Linux: /home/<user_name>/.CmapTools/profile.xml
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