Windows XP error 193 occured while installing CmapTools v5.0

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Windows XP error 193 occured while installing CmapTools v5.0

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Winx64CmapTools_v5.03_04-07-09 loading on windows xp os
i scanned my reg, turned off antivirus, downloaded new version of java nothing seemed to work.
I returned to your website and downloaded lite,the lite downloaded and installed without any issue.
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Re: windows error 193 occured while loading the java vm

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You get the error because you are trying to install a 64bits version of CmapTools on a machine running a 32bits version of Windows XP.

Please go to, enter your e-Mail (I'm assuming you are already registered to download IHMC CmapTools), press "Submit", and then select "IHMC CmapTools v5.03 for Windows" (61Mb is its size).
Rodrigo Carvajal
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