Problem installing CmapTools on OS X Leopard? 10.5.7?

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Problem installing CmapTools on OS X Leopard? 10.5.7?

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Hello everyone,
I'd like to try out CmapTools and see if it would be a good fit in my classroom, but it will not install on my machine. I've read the faq, and forums etc. I haven't found a response to the issue. Perhaps there are others wondering the same thing, so here's my post.

I'm running OS X 10.5.7 a.k.a. Leopard, and it will not install. I've tried installing as a normal user, and then as an administrator as well. Both installation attempts will briefly show the icon and then it disappears. Has anyone successfully installed CmapTools running Leopard?

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Re: CmapTools os OS X Leopard? 10.5.7?

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I'm using Mac OS 10.5.7 (the latest version available) and I'm able to install and run IHMC CmapTools with no problems.

Do you receive an error message by the time you install it?

Did you download the installer again? It was probably a communication problem when you downloaded it.

Sometimes the problem is related to the way some Stuffit versions handled the permissions of the unpacked files. Please follow these steps:

1) Download the latest version (v5.03) from our servers. The current installer is called ""
2) Open a Terminal Window (Applications / Utilities / Terminal)
3) Go to the directory where you have downloaded the IHMC CmapTools' installer file (i.e. prompt> cd Desktop).
4) Enter the following at the command prompt and press <RETURN> or <ENTER>:
prompt> unzip
It should generate a file titled ""
5) After you have the "" file, enter the following at the command prompt:
prompt> cd
prompt> chmod 755 CmapToolsv5_03
prompt> ./CmapToolsv5_03
Rodrigo Carvajal
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