IHMC Public Cmaps: General Information

Status and information on the IHMC Public Cmaps CmapServer
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IHMC Public Cmaps: General Information

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IHMC Public Cmaps is an open CmapServer, where anybody can create their own folder and store and share Cmaps and resources.

The user creating the folder at the root of the file system becomes the Administrator of the folder. This allows the user to manager permissions for subfolders created within the folder.

The dialogue box displayed when creating the folder at the root of the filesystem displays the userid and password that will be assigned as the Administrator of the folder, and which are taken from the default userid and password provided when CmapTools was first launched, and which can be changed in the Preferences Pane in CmapTools (Menu: Edit->Preferences). This Administrator userid and password can be changed when creating the folder. The CmapTools client will "remember" this userid+password combination, but it will need to be provided if the folder content is to be modified by somebody else or from another computer. The email address stored in the CmapTools preferences is also stored with the folder permissions. If the user forgets the userid and password, right clicking on the folder and selecting permissions will allow the user to have the userid+password mailed to the email address.

The default permissions when creating a folder at the root level allows Everybody to View the contents of the folder.

To easily access your folder, right-click on the folder and select "Add to Favorites". You can now access the folder easily by going to the "Favorites" icon on the left of the Views window.
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